Sales Tax Integrations

The heart of our TaxTools products is a centralized web service that does all of the e-commerce sales tax work. This includes scrubbing addresses, returning sales tax rates, and handling tax reporting. In order to use the TaxTools server, your website or application needs to be able to “talk” to our server via an Application Programming Interface, or API.

Shopping Carts and Software We Support

To make this process easier, we have developed a number of modules or extensions for various shopping carts, that allow them to communicate with the TaxTools server and process the information provided for each order. Currently we offer extensions for the following shopping carts and other systems:

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Stone Edge Order Manager

We try to consistently add support for additional platforms based on user need. Please contact us to inquire about your shopping cart of choice, or to request that we add a new platform integration to our roadmap.

Sales Tax API

We have an XML-based API that developers can use for integration with other applications or custom shopping carts. For more information, please contact us.