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osCommerce Sales Tax

osCommerce sales tax can be complicated. If you’ve been trying to meet your state’s sales tax requirements with the built-in solutions from osCommerce, you may be having trouble. Many states have more than one tax rate. Sales taxes may be levied by a county, a city, a shopping mall, a transit authority, and more.

AccurateTax.com’s TaxTools products give osCommerce users the ability to accurately calculate sales tax on their sites no matter how complicated their states’ laws.

We offer osCommerce sales tax modules for each of our sales tax software products that installs and is used in place of your existing sales tax module. These modules call out to the AccurateTax.com servers at appropriate places during the customer’s checkout process, to validate and scrub the shipping address, and to return accurate sales tax rate(s), which are then used to calculate the amount of sales tax that the customer is charged.

osCommerce Sales Tax

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Sales Tax for osCommerce