Shopify Sales Tax App

Simplify your Shopify sales tax compliance efforts and save hours every month.

Now, Shopify users can harness the power of AccurateTax’s reporting tools and, optionally, our Streamlined Sales Tax integration.

If you are a Shopify retailer wanting to participate in Streamlined Sales Tax (SST), this is the plan for you. Simply click to add AccurateTax to your Shopify store, and we’ll start collecting your transaction data. That way, you can allow us to file your tax returns in all states: by using SST in participating states, and directly in other states.

We also fully support retailers who do not choose to utilize Streamlined Sales Tax. So no matter where you’re located, and where you do business, we’ve got you covered.

Accurate Tax Rates

TaxTools geolocates every shipment, pinpointing the location in order to provide the exact sales tax rate for each order. The tax rate is determined by the specific address down to the rooftop level.

Detailed Reports

Detailed reports provide the information you need to easily complete sales tax returns yourself. Jurisdiction-level reporting provides the breakdown necessary for many states. If you prefer, we offer sales tax filing services as well, which relieve you of the burden of completing sales tax returns yourself.

Address Scrubbing

A correct address is necessary for determining the proper sales tax rate. We validate and standardize every shipping address before sales tax is calculated, so the correct rates and amounts are determined.

SST Support

We are a Streamlined Sales Tax Certified Solution Provider, offering full compliance with SST. When you use a Certified Solution Provider, you receive benefits such as free use of our software, first-line defense support in case of an audit, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your software provider is SST-certified for accuracy.

Sales Tax Holidays

Automatically handle any sales tax holidays offered by your state. If your state offers back-to-school, weather preparedness, or second-amendment sales tax holidays, AccurateTax handles these scenarios on the appropriate dates.

Product-Specific Tax

Depending on the state, you may sell goods that are taxed differently from regular products, such as food that has a lower rate, or clothing that is only taxable when it is over a certain amount. AccurateTax fully supports these product-specific taxes.

Getting Started with AccurateTax

If you’ve worked with other sales tax software providers, you’ll find us a breath of fresh air! Our personalized, timely account management and support are unlike anything you’ve experienced before. We think of ourselves as your partner, not just another software vendor. Our goal is to help YOU succeed, not to make money at your expense. Let’s grow together.

Get a free trial of AccurateTax for Shopify by completing this form, or contact us and we’ll answer any questions you have and help you get started.