About AccurateTax

A little background.

We’ve worked with ecommerce retailers for more than two decades. Many of these are small businesses – sometimes even micro businesses – who have the same compliance issues as Fortune 500 companies, but nowhere near the same amount of resources.

Although we started as a design and development team, sales tax quickly became a focus for us. Too many of our clients had too many problems doing what needed to be done to stay compliant with sales tax laws.

In 2002, we began helping retailers solve sales tax issues by offering solutions to calculate taxes based on ZIP Code. It quickly became clear that while this was better than the alternative, a more precise solution was needed. After all, sales tax boundaries rarely have anything to do with the USPS’s ZIP codes, which are for delivery purposes, not taxation.

With this in mind, we began working on the creation of a cloud-based solution that would provide accurate sales tax calculations and be easy to use.

Additionally, we wanted to provide other features to make retailers’ jobs easier.

  • Relieve retailers of the need to consistently maintain and update tax rates
  • Allow support for special circumstances, such as sales tax holidays
  • Appropriately handle items that are taxed differently from general goods
  • Make the entire process seamless to the shopper
  • All while making the service affordable to those businesses that need it

Our vision.

We want to provide an excellent product that scales in a way that allows it to be affordable for all companies, from bootstrapped start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

Today, taxing authorities have store owners’ heads swimming with the need to collect taxes for their state, local, county, city, and metro areas. Tax boundaries aren’t nice and neat! While one state streamlines their tax collection, another does not. But in the end, all the states expect to be paid. This leaves many retailers hoping for the best, but expecting the worst, when it comes to the accurate collection and reporting of sales tax figures.

With our TaxTools sales tax software, retailers gain relief from ALL the problems mentioned above.

Managing sales tax responsibilities has never been easier.