Sales Tax Software

TaxTools™ is our flagship sales tax software product. It simplifies the sales tax process for ecommerce retailers by managing addresses, rates, exemptions, sales tax holidays, and product-specific tax rates. AccurateTax TaxTools integrates directly with your shopping cart to provide seamless address scrubbing and sales tax calculations directly within the checkout process.

Our e-commerce sales tax compliance software was designed to perform one main task – to allow your store to calculate sales tax during the checkout process, exactly when you need it.

Fully-Outsourced Sales Tax Automation

We offer a complete solution to your sales tax live cycle needs. In addition to our software, we offer sales tax registration services, as well as periodic sales tax filing and payment services. Prefer to do-it-yourself? Let our ecommerce sales tax software handle the shopping cart, and use our sales tax reporting to complete and file your own tax returns. No matter what level of sales tax solutions you’re looking for, we’d love to help.

Why It’s Better to Use Sales Tax Software

As you can imagine, the amount of data for both geographical determination and product taxability is staggering. It changes on a regular basis, with states updating tax boundaries and rates on a quarterly, if not monthly, basis.

Yes, you can manage the data yourself, but doing so is time-consuming and prone to error. It also takes your staff away from actually running your business.

Instead, you can use our sales tax software to manage the entire process for you, offloading the responsibility away from your staff, for a fraction of the cost of doing it in-house. We maintain the data and the processes, and integration with your website is seamless and handled real-time, with no interruption to your customers or your business.

AccurateTax Benefits

Why should you choose AccurateTax over other sales tax software vendors or doing it yourself? Here are some of the reasons our customers love us.

  • SST Approved – Our status as a Certified Service Provider with Streamlined Sales Tax means that our calculations have been vetted and approved by the SST Governing Board and member states. This oversight adds an additional level of trustworthiness to our software.
  • Ease of Use – The amount of data required to determine the true location of a customer’s address and the applicable sales tax can be overwhelming. We manage all of that data, keeping it regularly updated and testing it for accuracy and completeness.
  • Scalable – Our pricing structure is designed to allow AccurateTax to be affordable for almost any business. The cost is based on your usage, so smaller stores with fewer orders don’t need as many calls as larger, enterprise-level businesses. We support stores of all sizes.
  • Managed Filings – Have us file your sales tax returns, on-time, without costly errors or missed deadlines. Prefer to do it yourself? That’s ok too! Use our reports to make the process easier for your employees to manage.
  • Managed Exemption Certificates – Never stress about exempt customers again. We help you maintain compliance, and automatically charge exempt customers the right amount of sales tax, even if it’s zero.
  • Detailed Reports – Our detailed usage and transaction reports make it easy for you to complete sales tax returns.

For more information on AccurateTax TaxTools and how it can help your business, download our datasheet.