Miva Sales Tax Module

Miva sales tax doesn’t have to be difficult. The state-based sales tax module that ships with Miva Merchant only allows one tax rate per state. This will calculate correct sales tax in single-rate or origin-based states, but it will not work if different addresses within a state require different tax rates. There are more states that can’t use State Based Sales Tax, than those that can.

Our Miva sales tax module gives Miva Merchant users the ability to accurately calculate sales tax on their e-commerce transactions no matter how complicated their states’ laws.

Our sales tax module is installed and used instead of State Based Sales Tax. The module calls the AccurateTax servers at appropriate points during the customer’s checkout process, to validate and scrub the shipping address, and to return any applicable sales tax amounts.

Can I Afford AccurateTax?

Our goal is to make AccurateTax affordable for businesses of every size. That’s why we based our pricing on how much you use the service.

Pricing is based on the number of orders you have us calculate sales tax for. We do not charge per individual call, so abandoned shopping carts don’t increase your costs. Some other sales tax providers charge for every single call, and even completed orders may make multiple calls, up to 10 calls per order. So if you’re comparing costs, make sure you’re doing an apples-to-apples comparison!

Keep in mind that this only includes your taxable states. For example, let’s say you only have to collect sales tax in California and Texas. Your store averages 100 monthly orders to California and Texas combined, and you have another 20 shopping carts that are abandoned after reaching the OPAY screen, whose shipping address was in California or Texas. In this example, your site makes 120 calls per month.

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TaxTools for Miva Merchant Features

Sales Tax Software

Accurate Tax Rates

TaxTools geolocates every shipment, pinpointing the location in order to provide the exact sales tax rate for each order.

Sales Tax Reporting

Detailed Reports

Detailed reports provide the information you need to easily complete sales tax returns. Or have us file your taxes for you.

Address Scrubbing and Validation

Address Scrubbing

In addition to supporting sales tax, validated addresses help prevent delivery errors and address correction fees charged by many carriers.

Streamlined Sales Tax

SSTP Support

We are a Streamlined Sales Tax Certified Solution Provider, offering full compliance with SSTP.

Sales Tax Holidays

Sales Tax Holidays

Automatically handle any sales tax holidays offered by your state.

Product Specific Sales Tax

Product-Specific Tax

Full support for “odd” taxes, like a lower rate on groceries, or clothing that is only taxable over a certain amount.

New! We now offer registration and filing services for our customers. If you would like our help registering to collect sales tax, or filing your sales tax returns, let your account manager know.

Miva Sales Tax Compliance

Miva Merchant sales tax requires a solution like AccurateTax for many retailers to have tax compliance. Although Miva Merchant offers basic sales tax functionality that works for some retailers, it is often not enough for many sellers to meet their sales tax requirements. Most US-based retailers use either the built-in State Based Sales Tax module, or a third-party module that determines tax rates based on a 5-digit zipcode. While these offer certain attractive features, including a low cost of entry, in many states they will keep a merchant from having true sales tax compliance.

The truth is, many states have more than one tax rate, however – taxes may be defined by a county, a city, a shopping mall, a transit authority, and more.

Third-party modules that calculate sales tax on a 5-digit zipcode come a little closer to providing compliance, but in many states two addresses within the same zip code can have different tax rates. In fact, even the zip+4 can’t pinpoint the correct sales tax rate in some states. This is why many retailers need a Miva sales tax service.

TaxTools for Miva Merchant – Screenshots

These screenshots give you an idea of how the module is configured inside your Miva Merchant store. Click any thumbnail to view a larger version.

Main Setup Screen
Main Setup Screen
Default Product Codes
Default Product Codes
Default Shipping Codes
Default Shipping Codes
Default Other Charges
Default Shipping Codes
Product Code Override
Product Code Override

Getting Started with AccurateTax

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