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We now fully support Magento 2!

If you’ve been trying to meet your state’s sales tax requirements with the built-in solutions from Magento Commerce, you may be having trouble. Many states have more than one tax rate. Taxes may be defined by a county, a city, a shopping mall, a transit authority, and more.

It’s often not sufficient to base your store’s sales tax rate on the state or even zipcode of the customer placing the order. With AccurateTax’s Magento tax module extension, you get exactly the right tax for every single order, no matter where you’re shipping the products. We calculate the right sales tax rate by latitude and longitude, without the error cloud created by using zip codes.’s TaxTools products give Magento Commerce users the ability to accurately calculate sales tax on their sites no matter how complicated their states’ laws.

We offer Magento extensions for each of our sales tax software that installs and is used in place of your existing sales tax module. These extensions call out to the servers at appropriate places during the customer’s checkout process, to validate and scrub the shipping address, and to return accurate sales tax rate(s), which are then used to calculate the amount of sales tax that the customer is charged.


  • Calculate sales tax in real-time ensuring the most accurate and complete rates at the time of checkout
  • Set product-level tax classifications to guarantee your products are taxed at the correct amounts at checkout
  • Sales tax calculated with specific address-level accuracy and all appropriate locale-based rules, including price thresholds, sales tax holidays, and rate changes
  • Jurisdiction-level reporting available to assist with filing the needs of many states.
  • Makes the entire process of remitting and filing with states fast and easy.
  • US Address scrubbing of shipping addresses provides the added benefit of ensuring accurate delivery of your products based on common carrier (e.g. UPS, FedEx, etc.) address nomenclature
  • AccurateTax service is provided as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) with a guaranteed 100% uptime
  • One of only six Certified Service Providers (CSP) of the Streamlined Sales Tax Project (SSTP)
  • Your use of the AccurateTax platform may in fact be free to use. Ask our sales department if you’d like more information about this program.

TaxTools for Magento Screenshots

TaxTools for Magento 2 Setup Screen
TaxTools for Magento Setup Screen
TaxTools for Magento2 Results Comparison
TaxTools for Magento Results Comparison

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