Installing AccurateTax for Shopify

Installing AccurateTax on Shopify is easy. Simply go to our page on the Shopify App Store to begin the process.

Step 1 – Go to the AccurateTax app on the Shopify App Store. On that page, click the “Add App” button

Step 2 – You will be directed to your store’s admin and shown a page that asks you to complete the installation. The screen looks like this:

Step 3 – Click the Install App button.

From there, you should see a page confirming your successful installation of the AccurateTax for Shopify app.

Once installed, we are ready to collect your order information for sales tax reporting and processing. You should work with your account manager regarding further integration and timing, especially if you are using AccurateTax as your Streamlined Sales Tax Certified Service Provider.