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  • Automatic calculations
  • Validated addresses
  • No signup fees
  • Accurate rates
  • Remittance reports
  • No long-term contract

Remove the guesswork.

No matter where the order ships, anywhere in the United States, AccurateTax gives you the correct sales tax.

Get the right tax calculation on every order in your e-commerce store, without the headache and without the hassle. AccurateTax takes only minutes to install, and then you never have to worry about rate changes again.

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Accurate Rates

Calculate the right sales tax on every order, every product, and every customer. No matter what state the order ships to, and regardless of the type of product, AccurateTax calculates the correct sales tax.


Everything happens right in your store. Customers never leave your checkout funnel, and the entire process happens automatically.

Easy-to-Read Reports

Figuring out how much to remit is a breeze with our simple and easy-to-read reports. Just view the report for your selected time period to see exactly what you need for filing and remittances.

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