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US Address Scrubbing and Validation Software

One of the features that is built into the Advanced and Enterprise levels of our TaxTools™ product is the ability to scrub and validate US addresses. Retailers who operate exclusively in states that have a statewide tax rate (or no sales tax) may still wish to use this feature, even though their operations do not currently require a sales tax solution.

To meet this need, we offer our Address Scrubbing and Validation software as a product that is separate from TaxTools™. It also operates on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, with a small connector that works with your shopping cart and communicates with our server.

Benefits of Address Validation

Benefits of validating customer’s shipping addresses include:

  • Reducing the time spent correcting a mis-entered address prior to shipment,
  • Reducing or eliminating address-correction fees from major shipping carriers, including UPS and FedEx,
  • Fewer returned packages due to "Address Not Found" problems.

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