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TaxTools™ is our flagship product. It simplifies the sales tax process for ecommerce retailers by managing addresses, rates, exemptions, sales tax holidays, and product-specific tax rates. AccurateTax TaxTools integrates directly with your shopping cart to provide seamless address scrubbing and sales tax calculations directly within the checkout process.

E-commerce sales tax is a challenging task for all online retailers. As states struggle to make ends meet, tax laws become more complex. We help you calculate the right sales tax for each customer who purchases from your website.

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Address Scrubbing

Many retailers need an e-commerce sales tax solution, but not everyone. If you are a store is lucky enough to have nexus only in a state with simple tax rules (no sales tax or a statewide tax rate), you may still want to consider our US Address Scrubbing and Validation standalone service. With this product, your customers’ addresses are scrubbed and validated during the checkout process, which potentially lowers your shipping costs (due to Address Correction fees) and helps you save on customer support by allowing CSRs to better use their time in areas other than trying to track down valid shipping addresses.

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Sales Tax Calculator

Simply need to look up the sales tax rate for a given address, or calculate the sales tax on a particular purchase? Use our free sales tax calculator whenever you need it.

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