Hurricane Irma Status

We’re writing this post for our customers who may be wondering if Hurricane Irma will affect the availability of AccurateTax, as well as sales tax calculations on your website or within your application.

First of all, the hurricane shouldn’t affect the uptime of the AccurateTax service, TaxTools plug-ins/modules, or other automated systems. Our services are hosted on redundant systems not located within the path of the storm. We do not anticipate any outages.

We are headquartered in central Florida, which is directly in the path of Hurricane Irma. Out of respect for our employees, we are officially closing as of noon Eastern time today, Wednesday, September 6. This is intended to give our employees and their families time to gather supplies, secure their homes, and for those who wish to do so, evacuate the area. At this time, phone calls may go unanswered. If you have an emergency, the best way to reach support staff is to use the little orange and white icon in the bottom right corner of this page. That will open a support ticket, and streamline our work so we know tickets are covered.

If you have non-emergency needs, please leave us voicemail, or email sales [at] accuratetax DOT com, and we’ll respond as soon as we can.

For our customers, readers, and everyone else in the path of Irma, our thoughts are prayers are with you too. Please stay safe.