Miva Merchant Sales Tax

Miva Merchant Sales Tax

Miva Merchant sales tax requires a solution like AccurateTax for many retailers to have tax compliance. Although Miva Merchant offers basic sales tax functionality that works for some retailers, it is often not enough for many sellers to meet their state’s sales tax requirements. Most US-based retailers use either the built-in State Based Sales Tax module, or a third-party module that determines tax rates based on a 5-digit zipcode. While these offer certain attractive features, including a low cost of entry, in many states they will keep a merchant from having true sales tax compliance.

The truth is, many states have more than one tax rate, however – taxes may be defined by a county, a city, a shopping mall, a transit authority, and more.

The state-based sales tax module that ships with Miva Merchant only allows one tax rate per state. This will calculate correct sales tax in most single-rate or origin-based states, but will not work if different addresses within a state require different tax rates.

Third-party modules that calculate sales tax on a 5-digit zipcode come a little closer to providing compliance, but in many states two addresses within the same zip code can have different tax rates. In fact, even the zip+4 can’t pinpoint the correct sales tax rate in some states.

Only AccurateTax.com’s TaxTools products give Miva Merchant users the ability to accurately calculate sales tax on their e-commerce transactions no matter how complicated their states’ laws.

Each of our sales tax products has been integrated as a module for Miva Merchant sales tax. The module is installed and used in place of your existing sales tax module. These modules call out to the AccurateTax.com servers at appropriate points during the customer’s checkout process, to validate and scrub the shipping address, and to return any applicable sales tax rate(s), which are then used to calculate the amount of sales tax that the customer is charged.

In addition to accurate sales tax rates and calculation, AccurateTax’s Miva Merchant sales tax software supports additional tax-related features, including:

  • Sales tax holidays
  • Custom sales taxes (special rates, tax thresholds)
  • Sales tax reports, including jurisdictional breakdowns
  • Support for Streamlined Sales Tax sellers

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