Florida Sales Tax – Discretionary Tax Rules

There are lots of fancy names given to taxes these days. In our very own Florida, we have a humdinger … the discretionary tax. Now, Florida for a long time has kept it simple…6% sales tax, paid by all, easy, clean done…but it seems many counties have decided there’s some revenue to be generated through sales tax collection, hence the introduction of the discretionary tax rules.

The discretionary tax is really just a fancy way of saying county sales tax, but what’s really interesting about this tax is that its supposed to be collected by any and all vendors who make sales into the designated counties…even OUT-OF-STATE vendors. Now, like many of these taxes, the issue for many storeowners is one of likelihood that the Department of Revenue in the State of Florida is going to track you down to get you to pay. Some interesting charts on this from the state’s own website are below:

Florida Sales Tax page
Florida Discretionary Taxes

If you have a business in the state of Florida and collect sales tax, you should definitely check out the rules, as the discretionary tax rules seem pretty clear.  In all honesty, I don’t think the state of Florida is making any kind of concerted effort to collect these taxes above and beyond the standard 6%, but then with economic times being what they are, one shouldn’t bet on things remaining that way.  Besides, the point of a solution like AccurateTax is to make it simple for storeowners to be compliant with the tax laws, not skirt them or shirk them.

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